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Hood River County Library District is supported by a permanent tax base at a rate of $0.39 per $1,000 of assessed property value within the county. This tax base was created when voters approved measure 14-39 on November 2, 2010. The district receives between $850,000 and $875,000 in tax revenue annually.

In addition to taxes, the district receives monies from fees, interest earnings, agreements with other government entities, private and public grants, and donations. Most of these donations are raised by the library’s two support groups, the Friends of the Hood River County Library and the Hood River County Library Foundation.

For detailed information about the district’s revenues and expenditures, please refer to the budgets.

Budget Committee

The Library District Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing and recommending changes to the annual budget presented to them by Library Director/Budget Officer. They typically meet in early and, if necessary, mid-May. The Committee’s approved budget is then forwarded to the Board of Directors for final approval in June. The Budget Committee is composed of the Board of Directors and an equal number of citizens at large. The current Budget Committee is as follows:

  • Jen Bayer  (term ends: 2021)
  • Monica Zorza  (term ends: 2022)
  • Lani Roberts  (term ends: 2022)
  • Angela Schock  (term ends: 2020)
  • Erick VonLubken  (term ends: 2020)


2021-22 proposed

2020-21 (approved)

2019-20 (approved)

2018-19 (approved)

Supplemental budget 2017-18 (approved)

Supplemental budget 2017-18 (approved)

2017-18 (approved)

2016-17 (approved)

2015-16 (approved)

For previous years’ budgets, please contact us.

Budget Committee Meetings

For previous years’ budget committee documents, please contact us.

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