Teen Summer Reading in 3 Parts!

All from a safe, if lonely, distance!


Check the Teen Page for what’s happening.


Weekly Challenges

These will be posted on FB and Instagram each week. Every posted reply gets you a virtual drawing entry. You can start these early, but can’t post before their week. All Challenges will stay open for the summer

  • Pet picture (or plant or whatever)
  • Dramatic Reading or recreate a scene from a favorite book
  • Make your own Meme
  • Pick a book you hate and rant about it
  • Create a sculpture out of silverware. Preferably washed, but color and texture is up to you
  • Recreate the cover or Cosplay a favorite character
  • Animation Workshop (August 2 to 8)
  • Create a Cartoon or post a tik-tok dance


Short and Sweet Book Reviews

What did you think? You can add your name to your review or keep it anonymous.


Write. Right. Rite. Series

Welcome to the “Write. Right. Rite.,” a “GRAB THE MIC: Tell Your Story” video series! The “Write. Right. Rite.” is meant to be an entertaining and inventive way to engage with the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, Jason Reynolds.

According to Reynolds, the “Write. Right. Rite.” is all about learning the ritual of “authentic”—not to be confused with “correct” or “exact”—expression. Throughout the series, he will share his passion for storytelling while discussing topics like creativity, connection, and imagination. At the end of each video, Reynolds will share a prompt that encourages young people to work toward a specific idea. The activities are fun-filled and some are more challenging than others, but Reynolds always makes sure to include brainstorming “get-you-going” questions.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to dive into, try on, and work through the newest episode of the “Write. Right. Rite.”?

Go for it!

Teen Programs


Unless otherwise noted, all teen programs on Zoom will be available to attend via this link: https://zoom.us/j/91001800954

See our online event calendar for more details about the programs below.

Kahoot Trivia


20 Questions Trivia

20 Questions, any subject, any time! A new quiz will be posted on Fridays to play at your own pace during the week. Winners get a warm glow of accomplishment.

To play, go to kahoot.it and enter this week’s Trivia PIN:04489767


Library Teen Council: Saturdays at 11 am

Library Teen Council: Stay connected, plan teen programs online and for the future, and advise your Teen Librarian. Please bring your own cheese. Contact Rachel T. for meeting information. 


Teen Hangout: Wednesdays, 11 A.M.

Games, chats, or whatever. Email rachelt@hoodriverlibrary.org to join!


No Assigned Reading Book Club: Thursday, July 16 at 5 pm

Join us for an online edition of the Teen Book Club! Celebrate Black Authors and Black Experience by reading a story, biography, history or anything else! Snacks sadly not provided.

Hood River County Library District Resources

 All of these sites may be accessed for free via the links below.

eBooks and Audiobooks…

Library2Go Oregon Digital Library Consortium

Your Hood River County Library District card gives you free access to thousands of e-books and e-audiobooks for all ages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit ebooks and audiobook page for detailed instructions.

When logging in, select from the library drop down menu:  LEO Listens – Libraries of Eastern Oregon

Audiobooks for all ages

AudioBookCloud: Your Online Audio Library – is an online audio book library collection. Enjoy unlimited streaming access to the entire collection. No downloads. No software. No holds. No waiting periods. Unlimited access to all the books, all the time. Just click and listen.


TeenBookClub offers middle grade and YA ebooks, enhanced novels, graphic novels, commonly-assigned classics (including AP English selections), videos, and audiobooks for teens and preteens in grades 6-12.



Enjoy critically-acclaimed movies, inspiring documentaries, award-winning foreign films and more for free! Don’t have a card? Sign up for your online card here. (10 per month; Kids Kanopy – fun for all ages – has unlimited viewings)

Learning Resources…

Gale eBooks (Virtual Reference Library)

Online database of reference books on topics from pop singers to ancient religions to the galaxy. All easily searched and cited.

Learning Express Library

Find video courses, tests, eBooks and more to earn your GED, prepare for college admission tests, achieve your career goals, learn computer skills and many others.


Want a fun and free way to learn any of 163 languages with personalized courses, movies, music, and more? Pronunciator also includes a new COVID-19 language course in 101 languages!

Web Resources

Ok Go Sandbox

Indie rock band Ok Go is known for their wildly complicated music videos and have set up this site to explore the science behind their videos.

Sync Free Audiobooks

Need more books to listen to? Sync provides free audio book downloads – 2 at a time and available for a week. Then keep them for forever.

How to spot fake news – Coronavirus edition

There is a lot of information about the current situation being shared. Some of it’s right, some of it’s changed and some is just fake. Learn ways to identify what is good information and what shouldn’t be trusted.

Mental Health in the Time of Social Distancing

Partners in Health has worked in epidemics and outbreaks around the world and has put together lessons learned about how to take care of yourself during times of isolation and worry.

Khan Academy

Watch tutorials online and practice a wide variety of life skills and academic subjects, from computer programming to printmaking or math to entrepreneurship.

Hood River County School District – Online Learning Games & Resources

These resources are meant for skill building & development and most importantly for fun!

ABDO eBooks & Distant Learning Resources

For over 30 years, ABDO has been publishing exceptional children’s PreK–12 educational titles for libraries and schools.

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, schools and libraries are closing across the country. ABDO wants to ensure that readers everywhere continue to have the opportunity to learn and grow during this unprecedented event. 
Our digital products are available for free now through June 2020.