The 2020 primary election is on May 19. Here are a few things to get ready for this election.
1. Starting with this primary election, postage is now included so you can mail in your ballot free of charge.
2. If you are a non-affiliated voter (you have not chosen a parry), you will NOT be able to vote for any of the candidates in a specific party (Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc) in the primary. See below to choose a party.
3. Key dates
April 28 – deadline for voter registration or registration changes to be postmarked or delivered online
April 29 – last day for the state to mail out voter pamphlets
April 29-May 5 – ballots to be mailed out
May 12 – recommended date to mail in ballot
May 19 – last day to return ballots by 8 pm to our county elections office or drop in a secure, official ballot box
5. For nonpartisan information on the primary election, use the website
– By entering a personal address, a voter can view only the candidates and measures that will be on their individual ballot.
– Oregon has closed primary elections so you can choose a party (Republican, Democratic, or None of These) to see the candidates running in that party along with nonpartisan candidates and ballot measures.
– If None of These is selected, only nonpartisan candidates and ballot measures show.
6. To register to vote in Oregon, you must be:
– A U.S. citizen
– A resident of Oregon
– At least 16 years of age (you will receive your ballot when you turn 18)
– To register to vote online:
7.What you will need to register to vote:
– To register to vote online you will need an Oregon driver’s license, permit or ID card number issued by the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services Division (DMV).
– If you do not have an Oregon driver’s license, permit or ID card, you can still use the online voter registration application. The information you enter will display on a voter registration card (PDF document) that you will need to print, sign and mail to your county elections office to complete your registration. It is located at 801 State St, Hood River, Oregon, 97031. Or, call (541) 386-1442 to be mailed a registration form in English or Spanish.
8. Verify/update your registration and declare party affiliation by April 28 at: You can:
– Check if you are registered to vote
– Add or change your party affiliation
– View your voter registration information
– Update your voter registration
– Check the status of your ballot
– Find contact information for your county elections office
– Find contact information for your elected officials
– Find a ballot drop site