Hood River

Teen Speak: Join us on the first Saturday of every month for our teen library council. Let your voice be heard. Brain storm ways to make the library a better place for teens. Create, plan and execute activities that you would like to see at the library.1st Saturdays of Every month 1pm

Minecraft Server: The Library will be hosting a Minecraft server for the summer. Team up with your friends and help us create epic builds on this modded Minecraft server. Limit of 25 participants,you must pre-register to join our server. Saturday June 13th

Comic book remix: Deconstruct old comic books to tell a brand new story. We will be remixing these old stories into our own original creations. Thursday June 18th 1pm

Movie Maker Club: Join our award winning movie maker club! We will be discussing our next project that will be shot this summer. Learn how to storyboard, shoot, edit and create special effects No experience necessary, just a passion for movies.Saturday June 20th 1pm

Scavenger Hunt: Join us with your group of up to four, for a scavenger hunt throughout downtown. Find odd objects and solve cryptic clues, the winning team will receive movie passes to Hood River Cinemas. Saturday June 27th 1pm

Mud Graffiti: Channel your rebellious and artistic spirit with our Mud Graffiti craft. We’ll be creating paper stencils and using mud to apply our art to the sidewalks and walls of the library. Banksy eat your heart out. Thursday July 9th 1pm

Water Party: Cool down at Georgiana Smith Park at our Water Party. Show your might and appetite with our watermelon eating contest, then vanquish your foes with a round of water balloon capture the flag. Don’t forget your towel. Saturday July 11th 1pm

Kryptonite Jars: You’ll be well on your way to super villainy after creating your own kryptonite jar. This glowing goo is the bane to all flying men in tights. This craft will vex your local superhero but can also double as a trendy lamp! Thursday July 16th 1pm

Knights of Veritas: The Knights of Veritas will be performing a live sword fighting demonstration. Decked out in medieval armor, take in the exhilaration of classic warfare and gallantry. Thursday July 30th 5pm

Mini weapons of mass destruction: MacGyver would be proud of our craft, mini-weapons of mass destruction. Based on the popular book series, you will Lean how to build a trebuchet out of paperclips, a clothes pin catapult, or a whole mini-arsenal out of a variety of household objects. Thursday August 6th 1pm

Library Lock-in: The lock-in is our most popular event of the summer. Bring your friends and camp out at the Hood River Library. Food, games, and music at this all night library party. You must pre-register for the lock-in. Permission slips will be available at the library starting in July. Saturday August 15th 7pm

Mason Jar Terrarium: Create a pint sized greenhouse with our mason jar Terrarium craft. All materials will be provided to build your own terrarium, just bring along your green thumbs! Thursday August 27th 1pm

Cascade Locks

Join us for Game night with our Playstation 4. Play anytime from 3:00-7:00pm.

Game Night: Lego BatmanThursday June 25th

Game Night: Little Big Planet Thursday July 23rd

Game Night: FIFA 2015 Thursday August 20th


Join us every Wednesday this summer from 3:00-7:00pm for Game Night on our Playstation 4. We will be playing Minecraft, little big planet, FIFA 2015 & more.